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Class Schedule/ Upcoming Events

Class Descriptions:

Tues and Thurs 5:15 - 6:00 PM:

Beginner Kids. Great beginner program where children are taught patience, respect, and strong work ethics in a fast moving high energy class. This is for kids ages 4-6

White ,Yellow, Green belts Kids age 7-12 6:05-7:00 PM: This class is for the kids who are a little older, just starting their martial arts journey. Kids ages 7 and up to yellow can attend this class. They have a good grasp on the basics and will be learning more advanced techniques.  

Blue belt and up ages 7 and up 7:05 - 8:00 PM: These classes are for kids who are working on the finer details, have a more advanced grasp on techniques, and are moving toward black belt. 

Family Class Fridays 5:30 -6:30: A place where children and adults can train together. This is a great opportunity for the whole family. Class times are convenient, all receive a great workout and its lots of fun.

Teen and Adult only: These classes are for the teens and adults who want a class geared toward exercise and learning at the adult level. All levels and abilities are welcome. 

Black Belt only: These classes are for black belts of any age. To attend you must be at least a first dan or getting ready to test for first dan, or by permission of Master Manning or Mrs. Pettengill.

Open Class: This time is for those who want an extra day of training per week or missed a day during the week. It can also be used for special training or one-on-one time. These classes are for students who are at least yellow belt and higher.


VT Governors Cup: March 16, BFA St. Albans, VT.  $55 for 1-4 events. Pre-register with Master Pettengill. Check-in/register starts at 8:00.  Tournament starts at 10


Green Mountain Open:  April 13, Mount St. Joseph's Academy, Rutland, VT. $55 pre-registration by 4/7/23, $65 at the door. Mail in Registration.  Check-in 7:30-9:30. Grappling starts at 8:30 


Yordans Invitational Tournament: May 4, Mount Mansfield High School, Jericho, VT. $50. Pre-registration until 4/27. Check in 8:00 - 9:30 Tournament starts at 10.  No registrations accepted after 9:30. 


As other tournament are announced, we will update this events page and post at the do jang. 

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