Arrowhead Martial Arts - Events - Milton, VT
Arrowhead Martial Arts - "Building Black Belts One Student at a Time"
Class Schedule/ Upcoming Events

Teens and adults only

 5:15-6:00 Beginner kids
(white and yellow belts)

Novice kids
(high yellow to high green)

7:10 - 8:00
Advanced Kids (Blue belt and up)

5:30-6:30 Patterns and techniques with Mr. Salgado

6:30-7:30 Adults and Teens - Mr. Johnson instructing

5:15-6:00 Beginner kids
(white and yellow belts)

Novice kids
(high yellow to high green)

7:10 - 8:00 Advanced Kids (Blue belt and up)
Youth pattern
(green belts and up)
6:10- 7:00 pm
Family Class  

Teens and Adults only
Master Dulmer 
9:10-10:00am Family/open

10:00-11:30 Black Belts Only
 1st and 3rd Sunday of every month Black belt Class 
Class Descriptions:
Tues and Thurs:
Beginner Kids. Great beginner program where children are taught patience, respect, and strong work ethics in a fast moving high energy class.
Novice Kids high yellow -high green.   These classes are for kids who have started moving up in the belt ranks.  They have a good grasp on the basics and will be learning more advanced techniques. We will put older kids in this class to start depending on the situation. 
Advanced kids Blue belt and up: These classes are for kids who are working on the finer details, have a more advanced grasp on techniques, and are moving toward black belt. 
Family Class Fridays: A place where children and adults can train together. This is a great opportunity for the whole family. Class times are convenient, all receive a great workout and its lots of fun.

Teen and Adult only:  These classes are for the teens and adults who want a class geared toward exercise and learning at the adult level.  All levels and abilities are welcome. 

Youth Patterns: Open to Green belts and higher or by instructor invitation. This class is geared toward those youth students who need to work on mastering their patterns.We will work on the patterns and getting the techniques more precise.  These classes are geared toward those students getting ready to belt test or who just want some more assistance with patterns. 

Black Belt only: These classes are for black belts of any age.  To attend you must be at least a first dan or getting ready to test for first dan, or by permission of Master Manning or Mrs. Pettengill.

Open Class: This time is for those who want an extra day of training per week or missed a day during the week. It can also be used for special training or one-on-one time. These classes are for students who are at least yellow belt and higher.

Black Belt and Adult only classes: Master Manning will be teaching Black Belt and adult only classes 1st and 3rd Sunday of each month 11-12:30.  These are required for those who are going to be testing for their black belts, but they are open to current black belts and adults, or by permission from Mrs. Pettengill.  

Upcoming Events:
September 27: 6-8 pm Milton Activity Fair. Come visit out booth at the Activity Fair.  It is a great community event coupled with the Community Dinner. This year we will be offering belt sparring fun to try.  

October 6, 2018 Vermont Classic Tournament Green Mountain High School- Chester VT  Check in 7:15-10 am. Opening Ceremonies start at 9:15. Pre-registration recommended.  

October 20, 2018 Annual Kids Halloween Party.  4pm-7pm.  Costumes, games, and lots of fun.  Bring a dish to share.  Pizza provided.  

November 10, 2018: Black Belt Testing
starts at 9 am.  Join us to support your fellow students for this very special milestone in their TKD journey.